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Who we are ?

Founded with the vision of accelerating Turkey's transformation to become a producing and value-creating country with entrepreneurship, Bovolop works with the mission of developing and disseminating artificial intelligence-based systems in Turkey.

We are a software company founded by Ömer Gökdere  in 2020 based in Istanbul that design and implements enterprise solutions and to drive growth today and into the future

We deep dive into your business needs to understand and implement the optimized requirement for your business.

Customer Meetings

It is a process that covers interviews with company information and project details.


It is the process in which important details are planned during the project , such as the estimated start of the project, end date, working Times, costs incurred during the project phase, and follow-up of the project steps.


It is the process that involves coding the architectural design document which is prepared by the software team.


It is the process in which tests and maintenance files are prepared to be performed before the project is delivered.


It is the process that the project is delivered with SDD and source code.

Web / Mobile Apps

We carefully develop Web and mobile applications using high-quality technologies to provide users with a happy structure with meticulously designed interfaces in accordance with current design trends.

B2B ve B2C E-Commerce Websites

Whether your company needs a new website to engage with customers, an enterprise-class web app to automate processes, or a web portal to help align your employees' workflows with efficiently and in perfect alignment with your vision.

Software Development

We create the structure of the interface for your project in a complete and ready-to-use format.

Data Science

We offer analysis reports by data analytics - along with artificial intelligence (AI) and / or machine learning - that involve solving and developing even more complex business challenges.

CRM Automation

We offer automation services that have prepared the management of your company in accordance with your requests, from your employees to your products.

Software Architectural Design Document

We provide software design document (SDD) with every kind of project that we have involved and Its well documented by our software architects.




Pre-order price

  • Organize your Inbox
  • Mass Unsubscribe Unwanted Domains
  • Mass Remove Unwanted Domains
  • Domain-Based Filing
  • Gmail Users Only!


Pre-order price

  • Organize your thousand of photos
  • Filing based on text
  • Filing based on faces
  • Compare with uploaded photo
  • Remove duplicates


Pre-order price

  • Monitor /manage your RAC company
  • Manage your vehicles / customers
  • Track your rented cars 
  • Manage your payments and employers
  • Reports and analysises of your company

Ömer Gökdere

Founder / Entrepreneur Software Architect

Education: M.Sc Software Engineering
Phone: +90 532 346 48 96 

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Let's prepare your software architectural design document without coding !

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